GSM Car Security

The New Car Security System is your assurance for the safety of your valued car. Thereby making it impossible for thieves to steal. With your GSM Car Security, you need no sweat. It is Easy!.

GSM Car Security System is one of our new products introduced in Nigeria. The major aim of this is to help in the security and safety of our valued cars, So our vision and mission for this is to prevent loss of cars.

Once installed in your car you don't have to fear any more about the safety of your car. Because your safety is our concern.

With GSM, tracking and monitoring your car around the globe is easy.


1. Use any available phone number and call your car.
2. Your car can tell you where she is anytime, anywhere.
3. Ability to demobilize your car in a minute when the car is in motion.
4. Automatic anti-theft mode for a packed vehicle.
5. GPS option on sms and voice version for your easy tracking nationwide.
6. Voice recording.
7. Ability to open and close doors as ordered.
8. No maintenance.

How It Works

1. Out-of-range personnel monitor and alarm
2. Implantable homing device
3. Patient tracking system
4. Reminder apparatus
5. Vehicle security apparatus and method
6. Automotive continuous protection anti-theft system
7. control car alarm system with wireless module interconnect
8. Owner oriented system for locating lost or stolen property
9. Anti-theft device for motor vehicle