Digital Auto Visualizer

We are pleased to introduce our advanced eSecurity platform-Auto Visualizer which is proven to stamp out all forms of over-the-counter bank fraud.

This new eSecurity technology became imperative in the wake of incessant over-the-counter bank transaction frauds in the banking sector of the Nigerian economy.

Auto Visualizer is an advanced eSecurity platform, powered by a USB cable attached to Teller’s computer monitor captures and reproduces printable real time images of clients, cheques, cash and other instruments involved in over-the-counter-bank transactions in full colour and three dimensions. It automatically transfers these images/data to the central Server Computer only accessible to authorized staff.

The Auto Visualizer does more. It processes, stores and saves up these data in an external hard disk which is an advanced tamper-proof storage device of about 2 terabytes which easily reproduces stored data in real form.

Data stored in this device can not be said to have crashed or affected by viruses at any point in time. This is a critical advantage of Auto Visualizer over the regular eSecuirty Systems including the Digital Regiscope/Filmdex System. Hence, Auto Visualizer is novel, innovative and the market leader in anti bank fraud security platforms.